Heartbreaker – America’s Tribute to Pat Benatar Welcomes New Member Tracey DiCicco!

Heartbreaker – America’s Tribute to Pat Benatar is proud and excited to announce Tracey DiCicco as our newest member!

Tracey will be joining us on background vocals and absolutely kills it, and is the consummate professional.

Welcome to the band Tracey! We are happy to have you with us!

Born and raised in a suburb about 30 minutes west of Detroit From the time She could walk she was entertaining family and friends. I guess you could say her family needed a young age she was going to be the Entertainer in the family. Following her passion she joined choirs and Junior High in high school but I wasn’t until after high school that Tracey started to really pursue her music. Wasn’t glamorous at first with karaoke competitions but winning most of them and realizing she could probably make a living doing it that led to her being called to her first band audition. Getting the opportunity to play with this established band opened up many doors for her. They were very sought after and opened up for various artists that would come in town. She also did a large singing competition for the city of Detroit and their 4th of July fireworks celebration that was televised on a local network. Then she started working at one of the largest country venues in the area. Enjoying this so much and knowing how many opportunities came her way she decided to spread her wings and make the move to Nashville, Tennessee. After getting her footing in this city she started doing writer’s nights and working with Incredible musicians and doing some studio work. During this time she was also asked to be a part of one brand entertainment out of Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a good opportunity and she was able to interview one of the biggest names in rock and roll Jonathan Cain from Journey. How do you top that? Then she has been a part of so many musical projects and even had a lead in a play that featured some of her music and she’s never acted before. She loves being a part of anything music and strives to be a sought after artist for her incredible stage presence and vocal ability.


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